Why run?

Each year in Cambodia,
thousands are trafficked and exploited.

Cambodia has a long history of poverty, exploitation, and abuse that has robbed many of their dignity and freedom – subjecting the vulnerable to extreme violence and sexual trauma. Traffickers prey on vulnerability to illegally sell children, women, and men into forced labor or sexual slavery.

Ratanak International works exclusively in Cambodia to assist survivors of human trafficking and exploitation on the road to freedom and recovery. We believe the key to ending exploitation is to empower Cambodians to be agents of change, and work together to confront systems that exploit the vulnerable. We walk with survivors on their journey from exploitation to freedom and hope, showing them the same love Jesus shows us.

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Roots of pain in Cambodia
Join us in this freedom movement.

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Ratanak International is committed to empowering and upholding the dignity of those we serve.

We make every effort to use pictures in our promotional material that do not depict men, women or children who have been exploited.